23rd March 2020

Dear Travellers.

All tours cancelled for at least three weeks from today, 23rd March 2020.

In line with strict instructions from the Uk Prime Minister and Scottish First Minister, all non essential travel and work must stop with immediate effect, for at least three weeks.

If you have booked a tour or travel with us in this period you will receive an email with options shortly.

We have and of course will comply with our governments instructions and thank you for your understanding.

We hope to be back with you as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.



18th March 2020

Dear travellers,

We are of course fully aware of the developing situation regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and the impact that this is having on travel and society globally.

Here at Experienced Tours we have already taken extra precautions to help you to continue on your journey with us and we remain open for business. However we understand that for many this is just not realistic at this time.

With that in mind we are waiving any change fees should you wish to push back your tour to a later date. This window is currently available for tours booked before 30th April and can be rebooked at any time up to end July 2022.

For tours that do go ahead, there maybe some alterations to expected itineraries as some places are closed. If this is the case we’ll will explain this at the start of the day and suggest suitable alternatives. Currently around 80% of the places we visit remain open or are not gated, although we appreciate this is a developing story.

Our vans go through a daily cleaning schedule and are deep-cleaned every couple of weeks. As our tours are all private our vehicles are not considered to be ‘public spaces’. However we have introduced a more intensive cleaning schedule to help to prevent the spread of Corona Virus Covid-19.

Before each tour we will:

🚐 Clean all hard surfaces in our vehicles with antibacterial cleaner, including door handles, switches and grab rails
💺 Wipe down all leather seats with antibacterial wipes
💨 The air in the vehicle will never be recirculated / recycled
🤚 We will provide hand sanitiser for our guests
🤝 We’ll avoid personal contact including handshakes

We are following all advise from NHS Lothian and The Scottish Government to take sensible, preventative measures.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding during this difficult time for travellers and travel businesses of all sizes. We look forward to welcoming you to Scotland!