The People’s Palace & Winter Garden

This lively museum at the East end of Glasgow houses a great collection of photographs, prints, film and everyday objects. Its aim is social history – to let you see how the people of Glasgow lived, worked and played, from 1750-2000. Different areas of the museum are themed to show how people used to wash clothes in a communal “Steamie”, how they enjoyed their leisure and drinking, and what everyday life was like in wartime.

The museum is located in a three-storey red sandstone building on Glasgow Green, and was opened in 1898. Outside its front is perhaps the world’s largest terracotta fountain, restored in 2006 and now in superb working order. Henry Doulton gave it to the city in 1888 for the International Exhibition, and it was moved to Glasgow Green two years later.

Next door is the Winter Gardens, an enormous Victorian glasshouse, home to a wide range of exotic plants. Its café has a pleasant atmosphere and climate that can be very different from the weather outside.

Doulton Fountain

The ornate Doulton Fountain was gifted to Glasgow by Sir Henry Doulton of The Royal Doulton company. It stands proudly outside the exhibition is the essence of Victorian self-confidence. It is 46 foot tall and has five-tiers. The detailed design commemorates the reign of Queen Victoria at her Golden Jubilee and represents the four corners of the British Empir; Canada, South Africa, Australia and India. It is said to be the world’s largest terracotta fountain.

Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green is the oldest public space in Glasgow, given to the people by the Bishop of Glasgow in 1450.

Note the winter garden (glasshouse) is currently closed undergoing a renovation

People’s Palace
Glasgow Green
Templeton St
G40 1AT
Open annually

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