2023 Port Of Invergordon (for Inverness) Shore Excursions

We’re available to organise private day trips from the highland port of Invergordon. Our bespoke shore excursions from the Port of Invergordon are tailored to your interests and typically cover more attractions and distance than larger pre-orgnaised group tours.

Invergordon serves as the cruise Port for Inverness is situated on the Cromarty Firth around 20 miles north of the city. Cruise ships dock alongside meaning disembarkation is easy and your guide will be waiting on the quayside. Typically a day tour from Invergordon starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm, however that is influenced by the arrival and departure time of your ship and we can be as flexible as you need us to be on the day.

From Invergordon it is possible to tour The Far North, Angus, Speyside whisky region, Loch Ness or even venture further afield to the west coast. Each shore tour is unique so please let us know your dates and what you would like to see on your visit to Scotland.

Searching Availability...

Date Ship
1st April, 2023 Ambience
5th April, 2023 AIDAbella
6th April, 2023 Ambience
12th April, 2023 Viking Venus
18th April, 2023 Viking Venus
19th April, 2023 AIDAdiva
25th April, 2023 AIDAaura
26th April, 2023 Rotterdam
28th April, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
5th May, 2023 Balmoral
7th May, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
8th May, 2023 Ocean Nova
10th May, 2023 AIDAaura
10th May, 2023 Viking Venus
11th May, 2023 AIDAbella
14th May, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
15th May, 2023 MSC Preziosa
15th May, 2023 Seabourn Ovation
16th May, 2023 Regal Princess
16th May, 2023 Viking Venus
17th May, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
18th May, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
18th May, 2023 Dumont d’Urville
20th May, 2023 Viking Neptune
21st May, 2023 Jewel of the Seas
25th May, 2023 AIDAbella
25th May, 2023 Seabourn Venture
26th May, 2023 Jewel of the Seas
27th May, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
28th May, 2023 Regal Princess
28th May, 2023 Spirit of Adventure
30th May, 2023 MSC Preziosa
3rd June, 2023 Ambience
4h June, 2023 Costa Favolosa
5th June, 2023 Seven Seas Splendor
5th June, 2023 Seabourn Ovation
7th June, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
7th June, 2023 Viking Venus
8th June, 2023 Zuiderdam
10th June, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
11th June, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
13th July, 2023 Viking Venus
14th June, 2023 AIDAaura
15th July, 2023 Riviera
16th June, 2023 Oceania Marina
19th June, 2023 Britannia
21st June, 2023 Regal Princess
22nd June, 2023 Costa Favolosa
22/23rd June, 2023 Sea Cloud Spirit
24th June, 2023 AIDAsol
27th June, 2023 Deutschland
29th June, 2023 Nieuw Statendam
30th July, 2023 Zuiderdam
1st July, 2023 Borealis
3rd July, 2023 Regal Princess
5th July, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
6th July, 2023 AIDAbella
9th July, 2023 Star Pride
10th July, 2023 AIDAaura
11th July, 2023 Viking Venus
13th July, 2023 Riviera
14th July, 2023 Arcadia
15th July, 2023 Regal Princess
15th July, 2023 Azamara Pursuit
19th July, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
20th July, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
21st July, 2023 Star Legend
24th July, 2023 AIDAsol
25h July, 2023 Jewel of the Seas
26th July, 2023 Spirit of Discovery
27th July, 2023 Regal Princess
27th July, 2023 Silver Shadow
28th July, 2023 Coral Princess
28th July, 2023 Azamara Journey
31st July, 2023 AIDAaura
1st August, 2023 Seven Seas Splendor
3rd August, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
4th August, 2023 MSC Preziosa
7th August, 2023 Ocean Odyssey
8th August, 2023 Regal Princess
9th August, 2023 Rotterdam
12th August, 2023 Viking Jupiter
14th August, 2023 AIDAsol
14th August, 2023 Europa
15th August, 2023 Vasco Da Gama
16th August, 2023 Ambition
17th August, 2023 AIDAbella
18th August, 2023 Jewel of the Seas
18th August, 2023 Viking Mars
19th August, 2023 Spirit of Adventure
20th August, 2023 Nieuw Statendam
21st August, 2023 AIDAaura
22nd August, 2023 Azamara Journey
23rd August, 2023 AIDAsol
24th August, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
27th August, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
29h August, 2023 MSC Explora 1
30th August, 2023 Carnival Pride
31st August, 2023 Costa Favolosa
1st September, 2023 Regal Princess
2nd September, 2023 Island Princess
3rd September, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
3rd September, 2023 Viking Jupiter
4th September, 2023 AIDAsol
5th September, 2023 Viking Venus
6th September, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
7th September, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
8th September, 2023 Europa
9th October, 2023 Viking Mars
11th September, 2023 MSC Preziosa
12th September, 2023 Celebrity Apex
13th September, 2023 Regal Princess
15th September, 2023 World Explorer
15th September, 2023 Seven Seas Splendor
16th September, 2023 Bolette
17th September, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
18th September, 2023 Europa 2
18th September, 2023 World Explorer
20th September, 2023 Vasco Da Gama
21st September, 2023 Ocean Majesty
25th September, 2023 Regal Princess
25th September, 2023 World Traveller
26th September, 2023 Mein Schiff 3
27th September, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
27th September, 2023 Viking Venus
29th September, 2023 World Traveller
4/5th October, 2023 AIDAsol
8th October, 2023 Norwegian Dawn
12th October, 2023 AIDAluna
16th October, 2023 Norwegian Star


Each of our tours are bespoke, but here are a few suggestions of private day tours from the Port of Invergordon for Inverness